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Spring & Unit Components

Unit Product Division manufactures various springs used in automotive, home appliances, office equipment and other applications and now expanding their business to spring-related unit components.
Precision springs are the roots of Takano. We manufacture precision springs from our start in 1941 until present. This long time experience is now accumulated as a multitude of technologies and expertise.

Main Products

  • Spiral Springs

    Spiral springs are mainly used for the reclining parts of automotive seats. Takano takes advantage of metal processing technique accumulated since its establishment to supply springs in high quality.

Practical expertise accumulated since our establishment

The Unit Products Division manufactures precision wire springs and flat springs for use in a wide range of products, including automotive, energy-saving machinery, consumer electronics, communication instruments and office equipment. Based on our extensive knowledge of spring manufacturing technologies, we also supply office stationery goods, such as paper punch (Punch) and paper clips (Double Clip).
We supply automotive parts to NHK Spring Co.,Ltd. and office goods to Kokuyo Co.,Ltd.


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