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The Industrial Automation Products division develops, manufactures and markets products based on the concept of electromagnetism. Providing high-quality, high-performance products and services, Takano is an opinion leader in the industry with the strong confidence of customer for a  wide spectrum of industries, including banking terminals, mail sorting machine, optical system units, medical analysis equipment, semiconductor equipment and other industrial equipment.

Main Products

  • Rotary Solenoids

    Takano’s rotary solenoids use permanent cylindrical magnet as the rotor and produce rotational motion from the repulsive and attractive forces induced between the permanent magnet and the magnetic poles in the yoke.

  • Latching Solenoids

    Self-holding latching solenoids which maintain its position only with magnetic force and performs linear axial movement by electrical pulse. It's energy efficient with low heat generation.

  • Pinch Valve

    Solenoid pinch valve with excellent resistance to corrosion and chemical. Ideal for medical use.

  • Optical Shutter

    Optical shutter controllable in millisecond(msec) order. Based on bistable rotary solenoid technology, high speed is only one of the various benefits Takano Bistable Optical Shutter offers.

  • Electromagnet

    Electromagnet consists of an iron core and a coil to attract magnetic substances, using the magnetic action induced by electric current, only while the current is applied. The structure to release the residual magnetism is also its unique feature.

  • Torque Controller

    Torque controlling device with the technology utilizing hysteresis loss induced by the relative rotation between the magnetic hysteresis disk and multi-pole magnetic disk.

Product vision statement

Takano responds immediately from small lots to large lots to meet diverse customer needs
  We offer an extensive selection of different solenoids to enable our customers to select the optimal and appropriate product  to their needs.

Takano continues to expand the lineup of solenoid actuator to meet diverse customer needs
Our solenoid technology was accumulated over the years to deliver products and services to the satisfaction of our customers. We not only provide standard products but will correspond to custom requirements with the highest flexibility.

Takano responds to request for specialized unit components and systems to meet diverse customer needs
We make full use of our original designing technology to offer system units to satisfy unique request of customers for automation, labor-saving and energy-saving.

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