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Personal Information Protection Policy

Following the widespread use of the Internet and other advanced information and telecommunications technologies in society, Takano Co., Ltd. (hereafter “we”) recognizes that personally identifiable information on individuals, such as their names, residential addresses, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers (hereafter “personal information”) is important privacy information and that it is one of our important responsibilities to ensure the proper management of such information. To ensure the proper collection, use, retention, and management of personal information, we have established the following Personal Information Protection Policy.

1. Intended use of personal information

We shall use the personal information collected from our customers and other stakeholders only for legitimate purposes necessary to fulfill our contractual responsibilities through our business activities (office furniture, spring, exterior product, image processing inspection machine, and electromagnetic actuator businesses, and healthcare-related business (including the manufacture and distribution of healthcare equipment, health foods, and cosmetics and the raising and distribution of seeds and seedlings)), to develop and provide better products and services, to provide our customers and other stakeholders with useful or helpful information, and to carry out our business activities other than the foregoing.

2. Disclosure and transfer to third parties

We do not disclose, transfer, or sell any personal information collected from anyone without their consent to any third party other than our subsidiaries or subcontractors. In cases where required by a governmental agency such as a court or the police pursuant to laws and regulations or where there is any other legitimate reason, such personal information may be disclosed or transferred to the governmental agency within the extent required.

3. Shared use of personal information (transfer to our subsidiaries and subcontractors)

In cases where any personal information collected for us to provide products or services must be disclosed to any of our subsidiaries, sales agents, and subcontractors (hereafter “subcontractors”), the personal information may be disclosed or transferred to the subcontractor within the extent necessary for them to perform the outsourced work. Whenever required to transfer any personal information to a subcontractor, we shall ensure the proper management of personal information by requiring that the subcontractor sign a non-disclosure agreement in advance or submit a written pledge for the proper management of personal information.

4. Disclosure, correction, and deletion of personal information

We shall make our best efforts to keep any collected personal information accurate and up-to-date. In cases where requested to disclose, correct, or delete any personal information retained by us, we shall take necessary action within a reasonable extent without delay only when we confirm the identity of the requesting person to prevent the leakage of the personal information to any third party or to prevent tampering with the information.

For requests or the detailed procedure, contact the help desk shown below.

5. Retention and management of personal information

We shall retain and manage any collected personal information with the utmost care and attention to protect the information from loss, destruction, leakage, falsification, or illegal access.

We shall take necessary and reasonable security measures to protect personal information against leakage from our in-house network and against unauthorized external access.

In addition, we shall provide in-house education on the importance of personal information protection and make company-wide efforts to protect personal information.

6. Legal and regulatory compliance

We shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and other standards concerning the handling of any collected personal information and shall continuously review and improve this policy and our in-house management system for personal information protection to ensure the better management of personal information.

7. Help desk

For questions on our personal information protection policy or for questions about the procedures necessary for the disclosure, correction, and/or deletion of personal information retained by us, contact the following:

Personal Information Protection Personnel, Planning Office, Takano Co., Ltd.
Phone: +81-265-85-3150

Where there are any special terms of use set forth in our websites or elsewhere, such terms shall prevail over this “Personal Information Protection Policy.”

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