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Health Food

Takano utilizes its unique food ingredients to develop its business under the theme of "Health through Food."
We aim to contribute to the enrichment of people's lives and health through the development of health food ingredients and the accumulation of agricultural technology, including "Takane Ruby",red flower soba, or buckwheat born through joint research with Shinshu University.


  • Salacia Related Products

    "Salacia" is a vine plant that grows naturally in tropical areas such as India and Sri Lanka.
    It has the power to suppress the absorption of sugar, and it has been used as a natural drug in Ayurveda, traditional medicine in India and Sri Lanka.
    Takano condenses the active ingredients of Salacia, sells the extract powder, and develops and sells a variety of forms of products that can meet the diverse needs of consumers.

  • Takane Ruby Related Products

    Takane Ruby is a rare variety of buckwheat with pink to red flowers, developed in collaboration with Shinshu University.
    It is red buckwheat that pursues beauty, the name of which was given because the color of the flower resembles the gemstone ruby.
    Takano manufactures and sells seeds of Takane Ruby.
    We also sell a variety of products using buckwheat flour of Takane Ruby or "Takane Ruby Honey" collected by Nihon Mitsubachi, or Japanese honeybees.

Other efforts

  • Utilization of
    Idle Farmland

    Takano, rents farmland that has become more difficult to cultivate in the region, and cultivates Takane Ruby.
    In early autumn, Takane Ruby blooms with pretty flowers that look like red carpets all over the place.
    It is effective in revitalizing the community with its beautiful scenery, and is enjoyed by many people, including locals and tourists.
    We are also proposing the creation of areas colored with Takane Ruby for people who have difficulty in utilizing idle agricultural land in regions throughout the country.

  • Accumulation and Proposal of Agricultural Technology

    We have succeeded in producing high-sugar tomatoes using the coral gravel farming method developed through joint research with Meiji University.
    In addition, we conduct research and development on technology and cultivated products that can contribute to the development of agriculture by taking advantage of the climate and regional characteristics of Inadani in Nagano Prefecture.


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