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Takano set up Exterior Division in 1982 as an extension of its processing technology for steel pipes for office chairs. Today, our main products in this field are exterior and garden products such as awning, parasol and shutter automated carport. In answer to the needs of the market, we offer a lineup of products with a multitude of designs.

Main Products

  • Wall-mountable Awnings

    Awnings mountable directly on walls. Takano awnings can be installed without support bars which helps to maintain clutter-free spaces for places like dining space in front of restaurants. Awnings are also most suitable for cafes in art museums and similar spaces where aesthetics matter. As being wall-mountable, they are not restricted by the structures underneath. Takano awnings create spaces that make garden furniture look attractive.

  • Freestanding Awings

    Freestanding awnings can be installed without a building wall. These building-friendly awnings can be installed without damaging the building and will provide shade over entrances for restaurants, cafes, or any public space. The awnings not only add shade but incorporate the outdoor space into indoors for an open, bright atmosphere. Use one of these awnings to expand your space and attract more people.

  • Large Size Parasols

    Large fashionable sunlight shielding parasols are symbols that colorfully accentuate the design of any space. Set up in a downtown storefront, the parasol adds an atmosphere reminiscent of a bar in Europe. In a natural setting, it produces a graceful resort-like appearance. When arranged in a row in a wide space, large parasols add a sense of unity to the space. Takano parasols are versatile.

  • Garden Exterior - our new proposal

    A multipurpose additional room for a relaxing space outside. Custom-design tarps for a space matching the natural surroundings. Orchid pods for a luxurious look to a lobby, entrance, or hall.Takano offers gardening lovers items for comfortable space creation.

Takano Awnings

The awnings can be installed on a terrace or near a window to cut down on direct sunlight and let natural air into an indoor space. Moreover, the awnings are retractable and adjustable to let light in. These awnings control sunlight outside the window. Thus, an awning significantly reduces the need for air conditioning in summer by as much as 70 percent. Our awnings cut as much as two-thirds of direct sunlight, make summer cool, and provide energy savings.

An extra room and a new space for your exterior living

Takano promotes garden exteriors and garages. As greater emphasis is placed on relaxing environments, trends in housing are increasingly shifting from quantity to quality. This led to an increase in the number of houses with new designs, such as western-style and modern Japanesque houses, and led to increased demand for newer designs  and functions. Takano promptly responds to market trends by updating the product lineup with a wide range of design variations.  The new products offer new functions to meet diverse needs.


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