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Company Profile

Company Name Takano Company Limited
Code No. 7885, Standard Market of Tokyo Stock Exchange
CEO and President  Mr. Jun Takano
Headquarters 137 Miyada-mura, Kamiina, Nagano 399-4301, Japan
Capital 2015 million Japanese Yen
Established July 1,1941
Incorporated July 18, 1953
Business Activities Manufacturing and Sales of; Office chairs and other office furniture, Springs, Exterior products, Electronics-related products, and Equipment for health and welfare.
Locations Headquarters / Miyada Factory
Ina Factory
Shimojima Factory
Minamidaira Factory
Tokuhin Factory
Mazumi Factory
Yokohama Sales Office
Tokyo Sales Office
Osaka Sales Office
Hakodate Office
Shizuoka Branch Office
Saitama Office
Oita CS Center
Employees 576 (at March 31,2023)
Group Companies Nikko Co.,Ltd.
Takano Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Yuki Trading Co.,Ltd.
Takano Taiwan Co.,Ltd.
Takano Commerce and Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Hong Kong Takano International Co., Ltd.
Takano of Amrica Inc.

Business unit information

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List of officers

CEO and President Jun Takano
Managing Director Tsutomu Takano
Managing Director Akio Ohara
Director Kaoru Kurushima
Director Hisashi Shimojima
Director Yasuhiro Ueda
Director Masao Takano
Non-Executive Director Yasuhiro Kuroda
Non-Executive Director Hidefumi Yoshimura
Outside Director Hiroshi Suzuki
Director(Audit and Supervisory Committee Member) Atsushi Takashima
Outside Director(Audit and Supervisory Committee Member) Yoji Hasegawa
Outside Director(Audit and Supervisory Committee Member) Tetsuo Komatsu

*June 28, 2023

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