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Message from our president

Towards our centennial

In 1941, we began as a spring-making company, and have carried on over 80 years.
We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that our long history of business continuity has been thanks to all of you who have supported us over many years.
In today's rapidly changing environment, we are constantly looking at changes in the world and trying to transform and evolve ourselves, through which we would like to continue to provide products and services that are useful to society and be committed to contributing to the creation of an affluent society.
Accordingly, we have established the slogan "Becoming a 100-Year Company -Continuously Innovating and Evolving-" as our long-term management policy.
"A Hundred Years" will be a transit point, but we will continue to challenge new things constantly by working together as one toward becoming a 100-year company.
Takano's future, in our centennial anniversary or beyond, will depend on our current thinking and actions.
We will keep making our group-wide efforts to ensure that we continue to be a company needed and appreciated by society.

2023 November

Jun Takano

CEO and President