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Healthcare Products

Towards a Broader and Deeper Contribution to Society

Assisting the elderly and handicapped in living self-sustaining lives, and easing the labor of caregivers ― these are the primary goals of our Healthcare Division.
Takano engages in the development and sale of healthcare products with emphasis on not only manufacturing but also design.

 Pursuit of healthcare in terms of both manufacturing and design

To contribute to society in a broader and deeper manner, we have engaged in the development and sale of healthcare products by making use of our accumulated manufacturing expertise. Currently, our products in this field include wheelchairs, chairs with a function for assisting a sitter in rising from the seat, cushions for wheelchairs, walkers, and stretcher wheelchairs. These products are marketed under the single "Heart Works" brand name. In particular, our cushions for wheelchairs have a large share of the domestic market.

Closer to our customers

In 1995, we established a home care shop which deals with healthcare and nursing goods, such as wheelchairs, beds, bathing articles and daily necessities, to have opportunities to listen to customers directly and reflect their opinions and demands in our products. The shop not only sells these products, but also provides a rental service.

In addition, we established a homepage (http://www.takano-hw.com) in 2000 to facilitate requests for brochures or inquiries by customers. From the perspectives of both design and manufacturing, we continue to promote our healthcare business, taking into consideration the well-being of users and caregivers alike.

Convertible Wheelchair

It is demanding work to transfer a person lying in a bed onto a stretcher, usually requiring two or three people.

Takano developed the Convertible Wheelchair, which allows this work to be done easily by a single person. With one-touch operation, users can change a stretcher into a wheelchair designed for nursing care. Offering the advantage of easing caregivers' labor significantly, this system is attracting wide attention.